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Palissade - Le Baltique

Another burst of color in Saint-Malo with this decorative fresco commissioned by the Marignan group and carried out by the Crèmerie.


It is on the Route de la Liberté, at the entrance to the Saint-Malo city, that our team was commissioned to animate this construction site fence. ​


The real estate developer is taking advantage of the rum route, 2022 edition, to ask us to personalize the view of his project. ​

This large black fence will be draped in colors and a decor referring to the legendary marine race.


Sails, sea, waves and sea spray mingle in this dynamic composition on the horizon of a corsair city. It will take our team a day to clean and paint this canvas.

Our two painters performed their colorful antics under the gaze of local residents, delighted to have a new horizon in their street. ​


Perfect for presenting a project or simply providing another image of the construction site, fences are not just a visual obstacle but above all are magnificent supports with infinite potential for expression and enhancement.

Painters: Hayku - Fortunes

Area: 16m²

Completion time: 1 day

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