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4C Insights - London

In order not to disrupt the agency's activities, our team has decided to focus its strike on the weekend. They then had to establish a battle plan taking into account the preparation and implementation times (storage, protection, tracing, filling, drying, ventilation and cleaning of each of the rooms).

Result:  a series of light and precise frescoes  delivered by Mya and Wakup,  which juggled between drying times so that the 4C team can recover their premises on Sunday morning.

Thirty-six hours, five complete ranges of aerosol, two different suppliers, three speaker chargers, more than fifty espresso capsules, one hundred and twenty square meters of protection, one hundred and fifty meters of masking tape, two scalpels as well as a a long ruler and two ladders borrowed from the neighboring roofs,  were necessary to personalize this large open space and the five reception areas.


The performance of our "Round ball" team in Cardiff was enough to bring Wales to their knees, but it took the surgical intervention of the Rocket commando to bend the English capital on a millimeter interior decoration.

Because it is right in the heart of London, above the Queen Theater in a very lively Soho, that a duo of dairymen has discreetly landed.


Their mission: to recover complete equipment at the Bombshop and carry out the complete decoration of the premises of the 4CInsights company without getting lost in the London pubs or the mazes of the Tube....

Other completed offices :

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