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Do you have a project, questions about our services? Don't hesitate any longer.  Contact La Crémerie team without further delay, via the contact form. A crew member will listen to your request!

Regularly on the battlefield, painting or balancing a few tens of meters from the tangible ground, we prefer contacts by email in order to correctly receive your request, keep a written record of your project and thus avoid the slightest error in the process. misunderstanding, forgetfulness or fall.

To quickly obtain a precise estimate, do not forget to specify your project by detailing as much as possible your desires with the dimensions of the wall, an idea of your budget and a date planned for its realization.

Thanks in advance !


Mailbox :

(no appointment at this address)

15 rue Marie Rouault,
35000 RENNES



Telephone (in case of emergency): 

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