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Bagels'n'Cakes - Rennes

When Marika and Benji came to offer us to revamp the best bagel restaurant in Rennes, we were immediately thrilled.

To be sure that we give the best on this interior fresco, they were able to motivate us by submitting us a deal that we could not refuse: a graffiti fresco stamped La Crémerie against bagels for life!!!!!
Therefore, it is impossible to back down. This commercial fresco had New York City as its theme, the name of the brand also had to appear.


Our design team came up with an idea for a Bloc-Letter that would serve as frames for several views of New York. The latter present essential images: The Statue of Liberty, Five Pointz, the Yellow cabs, the Empire State Building, the Sub...

So as not to make the restaurant room smaller, we kept the white undercoat which we tore to let the colors of the fresco explode.


The black background allows this beautiful red/orange range to express itself vividly even in rue Vasselot. Impossible to miss this essential sign in the center!!


For the rest, Marika gave us carte blanche. A fan of our work, she trusted us completely to create this interior fresco in record time so that the restaurant would be ready for reopening the next day.

So we landed in the morning with our model, our protective carpets, some detailed images to keep the proportions (or to be able to improvise on last minute adaptations) and all our usual equipment (masks and protections, aerosol cans, brushes, stepladders, fans and tracing kit).


Since hindsight does not allow us to use an overhead projector, our team worked the old-fashioned way, identifying then tracing letters and filling areas with level, rulers and squares.

This essential work allowed us to unroll the gradient and the illustrations in complete peace of mind.


The filling of the black background was done last to avoid polluting it during the construction of the letters.

It is at this moment that the fresco takes all its impact, it only remains to fix it to the wall by connecting them with breaks.


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