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Rennes 2 BU

In addition to the pleasure of the line and the atmosphere of its colors, the project integrates a symbolism and wishes to represent a particular state of mind:

The large humanoid silhouette represents all the things that make up an individual's thought: his ideas, his emotions, his memories, his projects...

This being explores the world and encounters new ideas, represented here by the circle at his fingertips. This piece of thought is so powerful, so impactful, that it completely fragments this mind which is so confronting. What he was, all the solid structures that made his spiritual being, are breaking and will have to be reformed with this new field of thought. 


A work full of meaning for him since it echoes his own experience within the place. During his art studies at the university, he obviously spent time in the library and the discovery of certain works will have had on him the exact effect represented by the fresco. A young spirit that comes undone by discovering a world so vast that it will have to grow up in turn if it wants to embrace it.


(Do you find her confused? You should have seen Mya struggling the first time he had to formulate this idea out loud in front of strangers)


For the realization, Mya received the help of Mr ⭐️ her blood brother, the other Crémiers being solicited on other projects of the festival. 

As part of the Urban Odyssey festival, artists from Rennes had the opportunity to work in the Villejean and Beauregard districts. The purpose of this event was to allow artists to invest public space, for ephemeral installations or permanent creations.


For this fresco located at the entrance of the RENNES II university library, Mya had carte blanche to propose a visual from her personal practice. 

Painter : Mya 

Area: 70m²

Completion time: 7 days

Other facades made:

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