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Campanile St-Jacques

The Campanile de Saint-Jacques has revamped its entrance with a particularly local mural! The monuments of the Breton capital are now visible at the hotel reception.


The Rennes skyline is back in force! A few weeks after having made our first view of Rennes , it is the turn of the Breton hotel to want a piece of the Rennes horizon.

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Opera, the Church of Thabor, and the Horizons are therefore the Rennes monuments once again chosen for this black and white fresco. Orange atmosphere with a sepia-colored sky to enhance the whole.

This is our first painting in this establishment, others are to come during the summer, stay tuned and on the lookout.


Once again, we would like to thank our guests for this exceptional welcome and wish the staff and visitors a great time in the company of this painting!

Painters: Mya - Fortune

Area: 10.3m²

Completion time: 8 hours

Other frescoes made: 

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