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Caorle Sea Festival 2022

This time, La Crémerie puts its suitcases and pots of paint in the seaside town of Caorle, north of Venice. We are invited at the beginning of summer 2022 to participate in the first edition of the Caorle Sea Festival!

The theme of this colorful event, the sea and the preservation of the oceans, a subject as vast as it is fascinating, which nevertheless gave us a bit of a hard time.


Between concerts, social actions and conferences, 9 international artists (or collectives) met from May 23 to June 5 under a blazing sun to create large-scale murals. La Crémerie has been awarded, once is not custom, the biggest surface of the festival...


Guest artists:

-Alessandra Carloni (IT)

-Alessio B (IT)

-Anna Conda (FR)

-Any (IT)

-Bolo (IT)

-La Cremerie (FR)

-Paul Psiko (IT)

-Shife (IT)

-Tony Gallo (IT)

-Zero Mentale (IT)

One of the peculiarities of the town of Caorle (apart from its endless rows of deckchairs, and its tourists wearing big sandals who eat pineapple pizzas at 5 p.m., follow my gaze...) are the facades of the houses in the historic center which are painted with colors, each more colorful than the other, an obvious source of inspiration for our team, always in search of a work closely related to its environment.

Our decision is made, we will opt for a dynamic composition, mixing the abstract and the figurative, illustrating a tidal wave of colors which would invade the city, in a word, a breaking wave, "deferlante" in french.


​DEFERLANTE, feminine noun

Meaning 1: Maritime, The breaking wave.

Meaning 2: Infatuation, mass phenomenon that spreads.

Here, the dazzling facades of Caorle sometimes become brushstrokes, sometimes phases of traditional graffiti, which try through their dynamism to transcribe the energy of a wave, the power of the rough sea.

Caorle Sea Festival 2022 The Creamery

After the theory and the beautiful phrases, place to practice! Transcribing a digital model on a wall of nearly 600m² requires a little preparation, organization and resources. ​


After tracing the main structure of our muralusing lasers and chalk lines, we decided to leave the parts of the wall that were not in the composition raw, this also saved us many hours of brushing ( indeed, we discovered it, a wall by the sea, it is full of sand and salt!)


Once these different stages have been completed, not without difficulty, we have chosen, for the sake of the durability of our work, to come and apply a hardener varnish before applying the first coat of paint, the wall being porous, we extend the lifespan of our murals of a few years.. ​


We therefore attack the painting phase at the end of the first week, an integral white undercoat, so that the colors are as bright as possible, then we begin to fill in color in the different areas that we have predefined.


Bombs, rollers, brushes and spray guns, the whole bestiary of the mural painter is used according to his specific applications. We are also equipped with two lifting platforms and several ladders, allowing us to paint the most inaccessible places on the facade.

We make it a point of honor to reproduce the exact colors of the houses around us, a fidelity that will pay off when a resident of the city center recognizes his house integrated into our mural. ​


On the sidelines of our performance, we also took the time to share our passion during an afternoon initiation, in a park near our mural. The opportunity for fifteen young Italians to try their hand at spray paint for the first time, and to familiarize themselves with the practice of stencil and the art of lettering. ​


Last days, we are refining the last details of our visual, this time with a spray can, we have just integrated windows into the facades and tiled roofs into the buildings. It was the first time that we pushed the mix between abstraction and realism so much on such a large surface, a major challenge given the tight timing and the colossal dimensions of the wall. ​ ​ ​



We would like to thank all our partners who made this crazy adventure possible: ​ Carlo, Daniela, Giada, Sara, for the perfect organization, all the people whose hospitality is flawless, as well as all the painters of this edition with whom we can only spend superb moments.

Painters: Hayku - Gloar - Fortunes

Area: 20m²

Completion time: 4 days

Caorle Sea Festival 2022 La Crémerie graffiti fresco Italy

Official SuperWalls Festival 2021 Video

Other murals made live:

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