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Visitation Shopping Center

On the occasion of the second edition of the Living Streets, the Visitation shopping center hosted La Crémerie for a painting demonstration. Four paintings are erected under the glass roof of the hall, painted in three hours. 

Carte blanche for this event! And when it comes to carte blanche, the creamers are in for a treat...


Double exposure for Fortune, abstract lettering for Gloaros, cartoon lettering for Haiku and fantastic character for Mya. 
Without counting the preparation fillings, it only took 3 hours to accomplish this mission in front of hundreds of visitors.

The works have been in place since November 16, 2020 and remain in place for a little longer!


Yes ! La Crémerie will have a shop in the city center of Rennes 

From January 6 to 23, the Visitation   will leave the keys to the commercial unit overlooking Place Hoche. Just before Christmas, you will have had the opportunity to come and discover our latest productions: canvases, prints, t-shirts, and a whole host of other surprises.

Edit: It's over! We got our shop and it was great! Thank you all for your support, we will come back even more productive.

Painters: Fortune - Gloar - Hayku - Mya

Area: 4 x 3m x 1m50²

Completion time: 3 hours

Other frescoes made: 

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