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Construction palisades

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La Crémerie is a Rennes collective of urban painters and visual artists. Since 2015, we have come together around this desire to bring color to the city, and to reshape our environment through our achievements. Whether advertising or purely artistic, we put all our experience at the service of the realization.

Site palisades are at the heart of the public space, and in fact, regularly victims of damage or wild displays. They quickly become unsightly for local residents and do not reflect the will of the builders behind these steel walls to renew the urban landscape and redraw its contours.

Our desire is to provide you with a sustainable, economical and artistic solution to these problems, while guaranteeing you a visual impact in the heart of the city.

"Each project being unique, we offer you the benefit of personalized support, from our first contact to the final achievement."


Other palisades made:

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