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Rennes Garden Decor

You have everything:  wonderful children, a garden with a house in town, a hybrid and a Saint-Bernard ....... but despite having climbed the echelons one by one and reach your goal, you are missing something.

What haven't you conquered  yet?
The street, of course, its life, its colorful chaos, its frescoes graffiti and its swaying letters.

But of course, you're not the kind of person to take Mr Everyman's outdoor decor and we understand you.

You want the best of graffiti, its spontaneity and its energy, the cream of the tag raised with a hint of well-felt colors. 

Don't hesitate any longer, stay in the front runners, take the plunge and do like Mr and Mrs D who, too, are not Mr and Mrs ToutleMonde.

Invite the street and its stars into your home, tame it and admire it in your new garden. 

That's it, you have everything, the street and nature in the same painting, yours. You can finally enjoy your mojito  while your neighbor is jealous of you.

He is right !

Have you noticed that an oustiti ended up painting with us again? Yes we really like this one, we try to put it in our paint bag as much as possible.
Big up ArtkorBagdad!

Other gardens made:

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