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Gouren School - Monterfil

Monterfil, a small Breton town located southwest of Rennes, needs the services of La Crémerie. Graffiti artists have a simple mission: to represent on their wall this little-known sport that is Gouren.

logo gouren.png

Little known in France, but popular in Brittany! So what is this strange word, Gouren?


History: of Celtic origin, practiced for centuries, Gouren or "Bretton Wrestling" is the traditional wrestling of Brittany.


Two wrestlers, men or women, oppose each other and their only goal is to put their opponent's shoulders on the ground.

After each fall to the ground, the participants get up and shake hands before resuming the game. Clear proof of respect and common sense.


A rare and surprising fact, tradition dictates that the winner of a tournament wins as a prize… a sheep!


Our graffiti artists therefore had to imagine and create a mural fresco rich in colors, of course, but evoking this particular form of combat dear to the Breton people.

Painters: Hayku - Fortune - Gloar

Completion time: 2 days

Area: 20m²

Others murales: 

In a fantastically-looking setting, largely borrowed from the mythical forest of Brocéliande, two wrestlers attempt to get on the ground. The playing field, essentially composed of a mixture of sand and sawdust, is placed in the center of the fresco. The obvious presence of a sword reminiscent of Excalibur is integrated on the left part of the painting. In contrast, a victorious wrestler is depicted, proudly carrying his hard-won prize. The sheep of glory.

This mural, for once, was painted alongside a fellow traveler called ArtkorBagdad, creating on the west face of the building, the logo of the "Skol Gouren" (read "School of Gouren") . Subtly revisited and integrated into the rock, the Baghdad fresco wonderfully concludes these two days of painting under a radiant sun that the Bretons know how to keep secret.

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