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IGR IAE School - Rennes

La Crémerie returns to the school benches for an interior decorative mural in the Rennes university school IGR IAE. The project: Revitalize a tunnel corridor.


The Rennes IGR IAE university management school wishes to highlight an access tunnel, the latter connecting the car parks to the reception is an essential passageway for students. The request is to find on the mural the identity of the school, namely the color charter, the logo, the mascot of the associative life and a unifying slogan.

After having collected all the elements identifying the school, we are able to propose a first general model, which will serve as a basis for discussion for the development of the final model. With the feedback from our partners, we are refining the latter to offer a final colored and graphic model, playing on curved lines to soften the volumes of the corridor. 

The latter, in double slope and surmounted by a glazed bridge, reaches 4 meters in height with atypical dimensions. We have to play the engineers to adapt our elevations, prepare and protect the walls as well as the many glass surfaces.

Our intervention is done with acrylics and brushes so as not to saturate the space with our aerosol cans, so we also provide solid floor protection. 

Once installed, all we have to do is follow the model, stack our colors and be precise. 

It will take us five days to carry out this dressing and obtain a complete metamorphosis of the corridor, as well as the reception hall which benefits from this mural.


Building on the success of our collaboration with the students and the educational team, IGRIAE wanted at the end of the school year to give a new shine to the school's patio, it's therefore thanks to the summer we went back to put our cans of paint in IGRIAE! 

The project this time is not to create a classic wall mural as we did in the tunnel, but rather a complete dressing of the space, with a fresco on the floor, a repainting of the benches and columns that surround the patio, the dressing of oversized pots, statues and the creation of custom paintings!

This new major challenge has made us discover a new approach to the profession of painter and decorator, it's the first time that a project has allowed us to express ourselves on so many different mediums, sometimes forcing us to shake up our habits and reinvent our working techniques.

But before applying the first brushstroke, we took particular care in preparing and cleaning our supports, brushes, brooms and high-pressure cleaners succeeded each other for two days to overcome the slightest impurity, and thus guaranteeing us an impeccable result. 

In the continuity of this major clean-up, we started by redoing the columns and benches that surround the patio in off-white, a color with intermediate luminosity, guaranteeing us a hold over time much better than classic white.  

Following this warm-up, we started the most technical part of this project, the floor fresco! 
Several hours of tracing were necessary to set up our visual, a free graphic interpretation of a Japanese garden, highlighting the natural circulation axes of the space. 

We opted for soothing shapes, in shades of gray, energized by white lines at the entrances and exits of the patio, thus making the link between the different buildings that surround the new Zen garden. 

It was after a week of work that we were able to finish this fresco on the ground, allowing us to move on to the last stage of this project, work in the workshop._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Statues, custom-cut Dibond panels and oversized pots were our canvases for this final chapter. 
In order to affirm a coherence between the two projects carried out at IGRIAE and to register this second project in a continuity, we were voluntarily inspired by our first realization for the painting of these different elements.

These are therefore organic shapes, with dynamic colors that intertwine on a plain white background. These bright colors contrast with the anthracite of the patio floor, while ensuring cohesion in the various decoration projects that we have carried out at IGRIAE.


We would like to thank the supervising staff, the students and the educational teams for their welcome. A big thank you also to Mr.Morin and Mr.Aston for their expertise and experience in floor painting, it is partly thanks to their valuable advice that this project was a success!

Painters: Hayku - Gloar - Fortunes

Area: 80m²

Completion time: 5 days

Other offices made:

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