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Industrial wasteland

Another original idea for decorating a living room!
This time the theme contrasts with the geographical location, an "industrial wasteland" fresco for a house in the countryside. Bringing an urban edge to this living room was the mission.

Sévignac in the Côtes d'Armor (22), a sublime farm with dairy farm, the decor is set and the Creamery is called to create a fresco in a house with contrasting decoration. Clock, wood stove, the whole house is already stamped "industrial" to contrast with the rurality of the surroundings. The goal of our mission was to confirm this atmosphere by creating un trompe l'oeil urbain et décomplexé.

"How much time do you need for the fresco?"

A day, or rather 5 hours were needed for Mya and Fortunes to complete the entire wall. 

A fresco that does not match any other made so far, a bold choice but so judicious and pleasant to paint. The result is largely validated by the whole family who gave us a perfect welcome with the added bonus of being able to greet the neighboring cows!


Painters: Mya - Fortunes

Area: 10m²

Completion time: 1 jour

Other fairs made :

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