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Glaz Arena

The Glaz Arena welcomes the team of graffiti artists from the Crémerie to decorate the catering room of the event complex.

A fresco rich in colors for an explosive interior decoration. 

glaz arena logo

As part of its 2019 return, the legendre group wanted to personalize its welcome to intermittent workers by decorating the catering room.

The desire was  to personalize this space to improve the relaxation aspect but also to appropriate  a strong identity for a place that is identical and common to all the event complexes.

Except that the salle cessonnaise is not just any room, it has always hosted many national and international competitions, in particular the irreducible, champions of France in 2011.

Glaz Arena Graffiti mural

The request was simple, to honor both cultural and sports shows, almost a carte blanche. Our graphic designers have opted for a rich and exhaustive composition representing a maximum of events without overloading this 7m wall by 3.  Impossible not to dedicate Daniel Narcisse in the middle of concerts, motorized shows, sports competitions , seminars, exhibitions .... 

"We aligned ourselves with the graphic charter of Glaz to juggle with colors and lights for this dynamic and colorful fresco. "


The realization was done in two days after a first day of preparation  of the tiled walls and surface protection. We were able to ventilate the space at our ease, with such working conditions, no way to go wrong.

After cleaning and folding, this piece, now opening up to a new horizon,   gains in depth as well as a strong identity.


Impossible to  not to thank the Glaz team for its trust, its warm welcome and its brassy criticisms 

Glaz Arena - Cesson Sévigné graffiti fresco
Glaz Arena Graffiti mural HandBall Cesson

Other completed offices :

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