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The Paris-Brest

The cream of Rennes graffiti meets the star of Breton gastronomy for a spicy interior decoration sauce!!

When Christian Le Squer  opened a new restaurant in Rennes, his team turned to La Crémerie for the interior decoration of its premises.

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Between lovers of good products, we could only put together a beautiful graffiti piece.
Fans of the flavors of Brittany, the team of chef  asked us to prepare a small dish from our region: a portrait on a seabed evoking fresh local produce.

Impossible not to pay tribute to fishing!!

Our brigade has therefore straddled its brushes, preparing colors and aprons to simmer this interior fresco. in three days.

Soil protection and preparation of the support as an aperitif, the classic.
Our menu then offers the typically local marine setting, waves and sky. This will be followed by a portrait of the chef accompanied by a dedication to the little onions.


Once the service  was over and the dish was done, all that remained was for the chef to discover his surprise.

Bet won with this local and deliciously iodized recipe. We cannot return to new adventures without thanking the Paris-Brest team for their trust and their welcome.

Painters: Mya & Fortunes

Area: 15m²

Completion time: 1 jour

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Other frescoes made: 

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