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Leroy Merlin - Betton

It was an opportunity for the two painters to return to their first love, with the "lettering-personal" combo, a tradition in the graffiti universe that will definitely hit those who are in this place. 

In short, an effective and electric Wild-style portrait for lovers of spicy recipes with Street sauce. 

Rich in fat and color acids,

May contain traces of nuts, 

Not suitable for "nature" and "cosy" atmospheres

To consume without moderation.

Painters: Fortunes - Gloar

Area: 7m²

Completion time: 1 jour

It's a request for decoration as we like them, something that could be summed up by:
"have fun, have fun with us" 

Carte blanche for this project!
Our graffiti artists Fortunes and Gloar had a great time (even if I admit that no one really uses this expression anymore). 


As a reminder of a fresco created during the JAM of the Pav'art festival (Saint-Aubin-du-Pavail), the duo created an explosive decoration and rich in colors.


Other frescoes made: 

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