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Leroy Merlin - Chantepie

It is therefore in a resolutely Art Nouveau style  that our artists expressed themselves. Pastel colors, art floral, jungle animals and an artist's view of the city of Rennes have therefore come together to offer visitors to the DIY sign a mural that catches the eye, while integrating with the general colors of the interior of the store. 

To build this composition, we were inspired by the visuals characteristic of art nouveau, in particular the work of Mucha (spearhead of this artistic movement), which we have reinterpreted with graffiti sauce. 


Do not hesitate to come and appreciate this work at Leroy Merlin de Chantepie, you will leave for sure with new decorative ideas !

Once again, it is to La Crémerie that the Leroy Merlin team entrusted the decoration of the interior of its store, indeed, a roller shutter deserved our intervention! 


It was at Chantepie that our two painters Hayku and Mya intervened, to the delight of employees and visitors to the store! 


The idea was to incorporate within a homogeneous composition, the different graphics of wallpaper models present in the department, a successful bet for our two painters! 


Painters: Hayku - Mya

Area: 13 m²

Completion time: 1 jour

Other frescoes made: 

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