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House Tiegezh 

After serving a homemade cream topping as a starter, we offer a seasonal assortment in fresh and vibrant colors. 

Finally, our style brigade will leave you with a delicious memory of the place with its light dessert of the Maison Tiegezh logo.

Impossible not to suspect what is hidden behind these walls when you see this crisp, colorful and dynamic facade.


A big thank you to the chef and his team for their confidence in our secret recipes, always lovingly cooked to delight young and old.

Return to Guer for the Crémerie which will take care of the facade of starred Chef Baptiste Denieul. **** and Restaurant * orders us an exterior decoration  in relation to the place and its activity. 

logo tiegezh.png

Putting the kitchen and fresh products in   honor is a ready-made mission for our team.

Accustomed to creating their graphic grubs with homemade means, our creamers went to the other side of the stoves to draw inspiration from the vegetable garden and local vegetables.


Painters: Fortunes - Haiku - Gloar - Mya

Area: 60m²

Completion time: 2 days

Other facades made:

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