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World map

Looking for an original idea to decorate your living room?
Gather  all your travel memories into a personalized version of the world map. A unique painting to enjoy every day!

Our meeting with the owner of the wall was surprising: while jogging along the Rennes towpath, where we were designing a pleasure fresco, François stopped dead in his tracks with a controlled skid. His first sentence aura été:

"Are you the Dairy?"

A few minutes later, an appointment was made and the main lines of the fresco were imagined.

A fresco which therefore brings together, for the greatest pleasure of the family, all the key places that they have had the pleasure of visiting. A few key dates are added by our best letterer  at the end of production, and a short editing session of these different video shots is created.

As you will have understood, all the continents are there, and we had the immense privilege of having traveled all the coasts of the planet with our brushes. A fairly rare thing as the work requires precision and realism. Essentially brushwork for this fresco more than technique.

Painters: Mya - Fortunes - Gloar

Area: 20m²

Completion time: 5 days

Other fairs made :

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