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Funny monsters

After being recommended by several of his acquaintances, Mr. L. decided to call on us to redecorate his 6-year-old daughter's playroom. 

The idea was to take inspiration from the world of Doodles (a concentration of funny characters, benevolent little monsters), and to integrate the world of Skateboarding and sliding in general.

The concept  was to make a visual that can have several interpretations and that is not too childish. 

This is how our team got down to work, after the validation of our model by Monsieur.L, in the realization of the fresco. 

With a marker and a show of hands, our artists were able to take up the challenge, and the deal was done in less than 3 hours! 

A galactic Skatepark where fun mushrooms glide along with little monsters and space worms!  

Painters: Mya - Hayku

Area: 10m²

Completion time: 1 jour

Other chambers made:

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