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NS Automobiles

Nothing happens by chance...
When the dairymen accompanied the graffiti artist  DAMS ODV   to find his new vehicle, they had no idea that it would praise our graffiti frescoes with the NS garage team in Chavagne.


Thus, a few months later, La Crémerie was contacted by this professional for an interior decoration of its workshops. The initial idea was to take possession of the sheet metal covering tarpaulins to bring some pep back to the showroom. 

Despite our talents as illusionists, we could not ensure a clean, fine and lasting result on these supports.

The satin tone as well as the folds and folds of the surface not allowing access to the desires of the team, we proposed to treat another wall.

Indeed, by making a decorative fresco on this wall, we create a frame that immediately catches the eye and makes the tarpaulins disappear.

Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta "Short Wheel Base" 1961

We opted for the timeless lines of Pininfarina by reproducing a legendary sports car synonymous with performance, hard to go wrong.


To make the link between the 60s and today, our graphic designer has proposed a slightly modified version of the  F 250 GT   with a resolutely modern decor. The curves and dynamism of this sports car respond perfectly to the rigor of the city.


Fortune and Mya will have swallowed this challenge in five hours, giving the NS workshops in Chavagne a taste of excellence, as in those of Scaglietti.  Like the little sportswoman who will mark the automobile competition forever, the Garage NS de Chavagne showroom will not leave its visitors indifferent.


Painters: Fortune and Mya

Area: 12 m²

Completion time: 5 hours

Other frescoes made: 

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