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Palisade rue Alexandre Duval

The model, built on simple graphics taking up the different local modes of transport, was immediately validated.
All that remained for our team was a lightning intervention on a radiant weather window.


Three days later, the fresco revealed a transformed palisade. 

Much more visible and identifiable, this palisade finds a new freshness and its dynamism integrates it well into a rapidly changing district.

Don't hesitate to go and see it, this revisited construction palisade is located just next to the Ateliers du Vent, rue Alexandre Duval.

Painters: Mya - Hayku - Fortune - Gloar

Area: 108m²

Completion time: 3 days

The Launay Group called on La Crémerie for a new construction palisade. 108m² of colorful graphics to the delight of passers-by. 


After the Bouygues Immobilier, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Legendre, Angevin and Secib groups, it's the Launay Group's turn to contact the graffiti artists of the Crémerie. 

Satisfied with our last intervention and motivated by the visual impact of the new style of their palisade, it is without hesitation that the Launay Group entrusts us with this new format with the theme of "mobility".


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