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Palisade Hotel Arvor

After an abstract and dynamic background composed by Gloar and his library of effects of all kinds,  a strong contrasting mixture between the turquoise and yellow areas,  the master calligrapher de La Crémerie a  also produced the lettering located on the upper part of the fresco. 

Some will boast of being able to decipher them, others know.


The neighboring garage door, jealous, but originally planned, has been covered with a matte black background. Multiple tags then appeared in glossy black, to interact with the reflections of its nearby environment.

One day will have been enough to realize this wall ideally placed in the city center of Rennes. A success felt by the enthusiasm of passers-by and residents discovering the fresco.

The Hotel Arvor is closed for renovation and to protect its works, a wooden palisade is erected in this sense. The management chose to call La Crémerie to create a temporary fresco. 

Gloar and Fortunes use their magic wand to create a fresco mixing graffiti and means of transport. A panache of turquoise and yellow colors for this brand new palisade.

"The proximity of the Hôtel Arvor to the Rennes train station, which has just been restored,  is a call from the foot to place two locomotives there. "

An old locomotive and a high-speed train are therefore represented together, supported by the power of the flight of a seagull, an animal strongly represented in the region.


Other palisades made:

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