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Palisade Jean Coquelin

La Crémerie is tackling a new construction palisade with a decorative and colorful tribute fresco. This painting is located rue Jean Coquelin in the Bréquigny district of Rennes.

Jean Coquelin, a name that is familiar to many Bretons, indeed, many streets and infrastructures bear his name in Brittany, and for good reason; this heroic railroad worker saved the passengers of his train at the risk of his life. After an in-depth study of the life of Jean Coquelin, our team set about creating a visual combining illustration and handwritten type lettering. A train silhouette recalling the profession of this illustrious character, as well as a typographical game energize this 25-meter-long work. 


The corrugated sheet support not giving us the possibility of pushing the degree of realism as we are used to, we opted for a work of the silhouette, allowing a quick and simplified reading of the graphic subject. Thus, this universal work takes place in the public space, and manages to touch all generations by its simple message and its strong symbolism.


The typographic game is also one of the strong visuals of this fresco, it allows us at first to capture the attention of the spectator with readable letters and a concise statement, but also to register the work in its direct environment, rue Jean Coquelin.

Painters: Hayku - Gloar - Fortunes

Area: 40m²

Completion time: 1 day

After several colorimetric tests, our choice quickly fell on a strong contrast, allowing us to highlight the different elements that make up this fresco. The blue and yellow imposing themselves in a logical way on us, it was also an opportunity to wink at the colors of Keredes.

The intervention took place on the first spring day of 2022. A radiant weather for a luminous fresco which will have allowed the residents of the neighboring Ehpad to come and appreciate the evolution of our work and to exchange with our painters during realization, but also on the occasion of the inauguration of the fresco.

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