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Lorient Road Palisade

This is the third time that the Rennes football stadium has been illustrated by the Crémerie.
The palisade being on the sidewalk of the mythical Route de Lorient, the Secib did not hesitate long to conclude the theme with our pyrotechnicians. So there will be the stadium, the future building under construction and its name "Roazhome".


Roazhome graffiti fresco reindeer

A new construction site which therefore stands out from the other palisades in the city, plain, dull and sad. The impact of the yellows and the shapes used distract passers-by from wondering about the future of this area undergoing metamorphosis.

And on this site again, we were able to count on a reinforcement of choice and quality. Thank you ArtkorBaghdad!

Photo credits: Onlytitia - Secib - Artkorbagdad

Once again, our graffiti painters found themselves near Stade Rennais.
It is the Secib that welcomes the team from the Crémerie to decorate the site fence of the Roazhome program.

Carte blanche for Breton painters:
A colorful fresco, as usual! 

secib logo.png

For once, with Gloar lettering! and on the making of Roazhon Park: Fortunes.

But for this shot we replace the red with yellow! Yes it's to go with the posts, no it's not a nod to the people of Nantes...

Roazhome graffiti fresco reindeer

Other palisades made:

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