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Palisade rue Voltaire

Here a project says “ carte blanche ”.

A fresco with explosive and contrasting colors.

Each story, literary work, plastic has an artistic framework, a guideline driven by freedom of creation, letting go and imagination. The painters were inspired by the place, here the Boulevard Voltaire, rich in meaning in French culture, for good or ill...

A motto, pay homage to French literature through quotations and an overview of the famous writer Voltaire. 

Mission accomplished, literature  called us, they think the fresco is very cool.

Noted that friend Artkor Bagdad came to lend them  a strong hand, for more energy and painting tasks.

As part of its residency project on Boulevard Voltaire, the Bouygues Immobilier team called on   the artists of La Crèmerie.

Logo Bouygues Immo.png

The arrival of a  site within a neighborhood requires the installation of fences to cover and reduce noise and visual pollution.

One of the essential values in the practice of the association is to offer local residents a pleasant space that is consistent with the location and the projects of the companies.

The graffiti artists, Fortunes, Gloar and Térèze therefore produced a fresco to embellish the place.


Other palisades made:

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