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Nantes-Rennes Bridge

The graphic composition of this fresco takes up the direction of circulation of this very busy intersection. The shoals of fish and the lighting contribute to better readability and lead the eye to escape beyond the bridge.


This very busy passage gave us very good visibility  during which we were able to regularly exchange views with the local residents, but it also forced us to plan our intervention and the blocking of the tracks according to the peaks of circulations.
It is thus the construction of a large fresco (230 m²) that users of the crossroads were able to follow during the three weeks of construction. This many positive and enthusiastic feedback enabled us to withstand the noise and the flow of vehicles to deliver a seabed decor and give a new aspect to this bridge undermined by pollution and disaster.


A big thank you to the Desmots family, to Daniel Eveillard, to Simone Ertz and her breakfasts hidden on the construction site, at the crêperie at 203 for taking care of our stomachs.

As part of the first edition of the participatory budget in 2016 in Rennes, local residents proposed and obtained many votes for a mural project on certain parts of a railway bridge, the Pont de Nantes.

The stated objectives of the Fabrique Citoyenne are to embellish the Pont de Nantes, promote street-art in Rennes, involve the inhabitants in an artistic project.


And it was from the organization of the project that the local residents were involved since it was they who chose the collective in charge of carrying out this dressing. They will participate  from the first artistic directions until the validation of the final model.

Other facades made:

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