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Children's playroom

It is in Iffendic that our team is once again settling down for this project, indeed, delighted with our first exterior fresco which gave a new horizon to their garden, Mrs. and Mr. D decided to call on our services again. entrusting the decoration of their children's playroom.

A soft theme was chosen and the family provided us with specific leads for the development of the model. We had to find a jungle setting as well as the presence of their children's favorite characters, namely: Pumba, Stitch and Olaf. All this in a realistic, colorful and dynamic cartoon spirit.  

Our team of graphic designers has therefore set out to make this visual homogeneous, while making sure to follow the recommendations of the family as closely as possible. 

​ After fully protecting the ground and surfaces at risk, we first set up the jungle setting, then integrated the characters.

Painters: Hayku - Gloar - Fortunes - Mya

Area: 15m²

Completion time: 1 day

Other chambers made:

​After a day of precision work, the fresco was finished and the games room transformed to the delight of the D family. 

It is always a pleasure for our team to support families in their decoration projects, and to give a new identity to interiors and exteriors. 

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