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Stade Rennais VIP lounge


Rennes is coming to the Champions League this year, so when the creamers  return to paint at the stadium, should this be seen as a sign?


July 2020, it's the turn of the VIP lounge of 3 Brasseurs and Flunch Traiteur to call on our slection rennaise  for the summer transfer window.

On the program for this off-season, give a new identity to its brand new reception room located on the ground floor of the red and black stadium.


Time is running out, the resumption of the championship is scheduled for August 22. No holidays for real guys:  our models are validated in a stepover. 

Once the keys to Roazhon Park were in their pockets, our team began their warm-up with cleaning and protections  penalty areas to ensure a solid defense against the risk of overflowing our ultra bright red paint. The skylight is clean, the big hits could start.

Fortune, solid central defender,  for the famous Breton flag, the "Gwenn ha du". Quick overflows to the sides by Mya and her cheering crowd. Gloar and Ofet in combined shooting for the lettering and the opening of the score. 

The second and third days se will pass under the sign of a clear domination of creamers over their opponents placement and tastes).

The fourth and final day allowed curious spectators  to admire the technique and speed of our attackers in the last gestures and finishes against the opposing goals.


It is therefore on a full board and without a fault for the Breton composition that the 3 Brasseurs and Flunch Traiteur will be able to play their season on an impeccable ground.

Other frescoes made: 

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