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Facade renovation solution

Located in a historic district of Rennes, we have decided to favor the railway history and the significant buildings of the district. 

Three days later, this painting in shades of gray gave a new freshness  to this façade and blended in with its surroundings.


Like Mrs. L, do not hesitate to abandon  the uniformity of the blank page in favor of a clashing wall.

Painters: Fortunes - Mya - Haiku

Area: 20m²

Completion time: 3 days

Rather than being repainted  in a solid color, a wall would have discreetly emitted  the wish to its owners, to have a fresco to match the whole house. An ideal solution for an original facelift. 

For the latter's cost , La Crémerie offers  a simple solution: a decorative fresco that cleverly blends into the neighborhood.

We put it into practice at Sacré-Coeur, a small lively village district in the south of Rennes. For Mrs. L, it is impossible to ask for a cleaning of the city, because her wall overlooks a private road. Visible from the street, this facade is subject to the vagaries of life, nothing bad, stencil tests, some political messages .

Mrs. L  has already thought about the facelift of course, but she fears that this reset will prevent the messages from blooming again on her wall.

Sensitive to our solution, Mrs. L  had the authorization of the city to have a decorative fresco made on her facade.

Other facades made:

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