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Multi-Service Station

It is in the south of the Rennes metropolis that the team of graffiti artists from La Crémerie was commissioned by the company SDE35 (Syndicat Départemental de l'Energie) to create a decorative outdoor fresco.


The new multi-energy station has a large fire wall protecting the technical installations.

The SDE35 hopes that this beautiful 83m² surface area can serve as a support for an artistic creation illustrating the theme of new mobility and the energy transition.


Painters: Hayku - Fortune - Gloar

Completion time: 2 days

Area: 15m²

Ideally located and visible from the departmental road, this wall is a perfect communication and identification support.

After a few graphic proposals to clearly identify and refine the issues and expectations of the project, the graffiti artists from La Crémerie set up in Chartres de Bretagne for a week in very mild weather.


After the protection work, our team was able to take out sprays and masks to apply beautiful areas of color and place the lettering.

Our graffiti artists needed four days to finalize this fresco, which is simple and immediate to read. Graphic and clearly visible, it exposes the challenges of the service station.


Do you also want to benefit from good visibility and reliable identification? Nothing could be simpler, contact us for a custom fresco in your image.

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