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Super Walls 2019


La Crémerie flew to Italy a second time! It was in June 2019, very close to Venice. Invited to the Super Walls Festival, the four graffiti artists from Rennes settled down for ten days in the towns of Padova and Abano Terme.

Our love with Italy and the province of Venetto dates back to 2017 when we first visited. We had been invited by Carlo Silvestrin and Dominique Stella after having received his artist Alessio B in Rennes for an exhibition at the Fatcap Bar, followed by a few "urban" interventions.

Delighted with our hospitality, they returned the favor by welcoming us to Padova in June 2017. The objective of this first visit was to complete a painting done upstream by Alessio B, located in the parking lot of the Brazilian restaurant Bom Boï

Alessio B Ayrton Senna piazza De gasperi

Alessio B then produced a stencil of Ayrton Senna, the famous Brazilian Formula 1 driver, a true idol, including in Italy. We decided to continue the fresco on the same theme, by reproducing the equally famous statue of Christ the Redeemer culminating on the heights of Rio de Janeiro. Embellished with lettering and decorations of favelas, our pleasure party lasted what it took in time to appreciate a painting  aperitif outside, under the amazed eyes of local residents already conquered by the portrait of the deceased driver. 

"First mission successfully completed for La Crémerie."

But let's go back to this famous restaurant for a moment. We must insist on this establishment and give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.  This is indeed the most incredible restaurant we have ever visited in this country.   A kitchen specializing in meat skewers, served with a sword!

More than 14 different meats landed on our plates, presented with humor and elegance, by servers of formidable efficiency. We obviously had the pleasure of returning there many times (5 or 6 times) and when we returned in 2019, the welcome had not changed, all as happy to see each other again around a richly furnished table.

Culinary intermission over, even if we should reserve at least a paragraph on antipasti, and quantity of  devoured pizzas or "Marsiglio" and its tenants as delicious as its fresh dishes... We weren't not on a gastronomic visit but there to paint. This is how we found ourselves painting in demonstration, in Abano Terme in the garden of a local palace. 

The SUPER WALLS Biennial

1st edition for this biennial of urban art. Closely linked to the Venice Biennale, this event brought together a dozen talented local artists such as: Made514 , Peeta , Yama , Joys , Orion , Psiko , Gabriele Bonato , Tony Gallo , Boogie , Roulè , Ax , and Alessio B.

With as many facades as artists, this festival struck a blow, all the national press seized the subject. From paper newspapers to television news, the whole country was able to see the graphic momentum instilled by this event. Term. Indeed, it is now the largest fresco in the entire province of Venetto!


Airlite , official Super Walls partner, provided all necessary underlay  for all murals. This is not just a simple paint, but an anti-pollution paint! 100% natural, it absorbs air pollution, bacteria and bad smells. "Incredible"

Below, the full video of Super Walls, 35min (in Italian)

Surprise visit: La Crémeria

A surprise email arrived at the very beginning of our stay. The sender's address inevitably caught our attention right away since it was de "La Cremeria"!


Italian namesakes have created an association bearing the same name as us,   with the same objectives and services as our creamery. Almost all of the artists invited to the Super Walls are part of the EAD crew, longtime friends of the local La Crémeria, so they logically wanted to meet us. 

After an hour's journey from Treviso, Spazio and Pierluigi arrived in Abano Terme smiling. No hesitation for them, the two nacelles in action confirmed our presence. A crazy day in anecdotes will not have been enough for our two teams, the Transalpine Crémeria, after having offered us their official book, decided to come back for another day.

"The connection is made."

This mega fresco will have taken us ten days under a blazing sun. It can be seen in Piazza del Sole e della Pace in downtown Abano Terme. The city bears its name thanks to these thermal baths known since Roman times. The dragon surrounding a column being its symbol, we revised our model from the first to integrate this gigantic icon and so pleasant to paint in the very center of our fresco.

Once again, a big thank you to Carlo and Dominique as well as Giada, who allowed us to make these two trips, to all the graffiti artists we met on site, Roberto and his football touch as well as the delicious restaurants that helped us perfectly welcomed!  Grazie a tutti

Other frescoes made: 

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