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Theodore Search 20 years

Need to make a mark, host an event or energize a meeting? Do like the Essentiel agency who trusted La Crèmerie to transform Theodore Search's 20th anniversary into a unique sensory moment thanks to our personalized graffiti frescoes!!


For the 20th anniversary of Theodore Search, the Essentiel agency wants a live painting animation to complete its cultural menu.

The idea of the agency is to play on several emotions during this evening.

We therefore work with other artists, designers, explorers, musicians, magicians and photographers in Mansions of Mary, in Pace.


Painters: Hayku - Gloar - Fortunes

Completion time: 2 hours

Area: 8m²

In this very natural setting, guests were able to climb a sensory and emotional staircase throughout the evening.

Our team settled in the day before the start of the festivities. With our removable wall and bracket formula, nothing could be easier!!

Our three painters appropriated the 6m2 format after the speeches. The three hours of scheduled intervention went off without a hitch under the eyes of a delighted audience, who knew how to take advantage of the situation to chat with the dairymen; all in the open air, sheltered by a marquee in a rural and festive atmosphere. 


A beautiful moment, a successful mission, a conquered public as much as the client who wished to keep the work in his offices in Rennes.


Other frescoes made: 

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