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Utility Service - St-Gilles

The Crémerie graffiti team returns to the garage. This time, it will not be for a breakdown but for a new interior decoration.


It was by seeing our achievements at N.S.Auto that the Utilities Services team set its sights on the painters of the Crémerie to offer themselves the fresco of their tenth anniversary.


Painters: Hayku - Fortune - Gloar

Completion time: 2 days

Area: 15m²

Initially, the company wanted a live painting during the event. After exchanging and viewing our graphic proposals, it turned out that a colorful and dynamic graffiti fresco as we like to do, and moreover lasting, would be more likely to make a must be said that we I'm not ten every day!!


We will have to work hard to protect the workshop and transform this wall to deliver a fresco worthy of the event on time. Our three painters were then able to play with colors and lines, sometimes cold or bright, sometimes curved or sharp, all traced with a line or with brachial amplitude, cutting and recutting, degrading and mixing, to obtain this explosion of colors and lines highlighting the energy of the company.


Three days were necessary to protect, prepare, dress and reveal this beautiful surface located in the center of the workshop and showroom. Three days ended with a very popular birthday celebration.

Other frescoes made: 

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