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Wild and Free - Vezin

Vezin-le-Coquet offers a colorful fresco for a tribute to Samuel Paty. La Crémerie accompanied by ArtkorBagdad goes on site to create a graffiti / bird take-off combo.

Two afternoons were needed to make this fresco. Spoiled by the weather despite a completion in November, the team took great pleasure in painting on this surface, which had been magnificently prepared beforehand by the technical services of Vezin-le-Coquet.

The tribute to the deceased professor remains discreet in form, two birds are responsible for representing the flight to freedom. A dove to symbolize peace and a gull, a bird typical of the Breton landscape.


Painters: Hayku - Bagdad - Fortunes

Area: 40m²

Completion time: 2 days

Other facades made:

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