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Younup - Rennes

La Crémerie works in an openspace for an interior decoration fresco in the colors of the Younup agency in Rennes. It is a company focused on web development, apps, analysis and computer testing.

The start-up's request: to dress up a few walls and a videoconference room.

This large space bathed in light must not be reduced by our intervention and we must find there the logos of the agency but also the team spirit and the company of the latter, through a multitude of pictograms representing their fields. of action.


The challenge of this fresco is twofold: to bring out the Younup atmosphere without making the volumes or the light disappear.

In order not to interfere with the natural light of the large glazed offices, we opted for an airy design in Younup colors with simple and refined graphics, taking up the themes of information technology.

All that remains is to carefully protect the pieces and apply our acrylic colours. No bomb on this project to leave the air open to the workers present on site.

Four days will be needed to integrate our visuals and give a strong identity to these offices.

Painters: Hayku - Gloar - Fortunes

Area: 20m²

Completion time: 4 days

Other offices made:

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