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Zenika - Rennes

Everyone wants a smooth return to school but few are entitled to it. Zenika, looking for a graffiti artist, turns to La Crémerie for interior decoration, in a magical, meditative and inspiring atmosphere.


The consulting company wanted an identity for its premises by bringing unity and fullness.

Tapestries or wallpapers? Too classic and without originality, no unique decoration among wholesalers, you must then turn to local artisans. It was naturally to the Crémerie that Zenika sought advice and solutions. Their request was a hand-made creation, bringing zen and reflection, without being massive or distracting. The idea chosen was to open the offices towards an aerial forest, mixing Nature, imagination and the lightness of watercolors.


The Crémerie team then swapped the graffiti tools to return to the basics with brushes, sponges and color palettes.


The creation, all in shades of blue and turquoise highlighted with gold ink, was done in three days.

The common white wall separating the teams opened onto a landscape of tranquility and lightness, motivating the return to colleagues to share memories, stories, ideas or concepts.


This is what graffiti and “hand-made” are capable of: providing the unique opportunity to transform and give meaning to your premises.

Painters: Hayku - Fortune - Gloar

Completion time: 2 days

Area: 15m²

Other frescoes made: 

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